Basin & Petroleum Systems modelling

IGI are recognised as one of the industry-leading experts in Basin and Petroleum Systems Modelling (BPSM), with over 30 years’ experience developing a deep understanding and breadth of knowledge of most geological settings worldwide. IGI’s focus on integration of geochemistry with BPSM helps clients better understand their petroleum systems, from the molecular to the tectonic scale.

Most of our consultancy studies include some component of basin modelling – comprising 1-D, 2-D and/or map-based 3-D modelling to best meet the needs of the project.

We primarily use ZetaWare Genesis (1-D), Trinity T3 (3-D) and Kinex (kerogen kinetics) software, but also have experience with BasinMod (1-D & 2-D), PetroMod (1-D) and TecMod (2-D) applications. Projects range from regional basin screening to prospect-scale petroleum systems analysis, appraising and quantifying the key risks associated with petroleum charge (e.g. source maturity, geothermics, migration). Regional-scale studies are often used for scoping out prospective basins and plays of interest prior to or during license applications.

BPSM studies can be integrated with IGI’s regional geochemical databases and/or multiclient reports in some areas (e.g. North Sea and Norwegian Sea). We use our Metis and p:IGI software to compile and quality assure the available geochemical data, for characterization of the petroleum systems and calibration of the basin modelling, which allows easy visualization and interpretation of very large volumes of data (virtually unlimited). 

Common aspects and deliverables of our basin modelling studies include:

  • Calibration of the thermal-burial model integrating well and regional data
  • Source rock maturity prediction & mapping
  • Prediction of the magnitude and timing of hydrocarbon generation and expulsion
  • Mapping of potential migration paths from kitchen to traps
  • Prediction of prospect charging: timing, phase and volumes
  • Running multiple scenarios to test key variables and quantify charge risk (CRSM & Monte Carlo simulations)
  • Assessment of biodegradation risk and other alteration processes
  • PVT prediction in prospects, including HPHT targets

Project workshops are often recommended to allow a greater interaction with the client, helping to better integrate the modelling with the client’s other G&G studies and geological understanding of the area. Whilst most IGI projects are conducted remotely (ideally with a strong interaction with the client), we can also provide in-house expertise, mentoring and training to client personnel, either in IGI’s countryside office in Devon, in the client’s offices or remotely via video conference workshops.

Basin modelling can also be utilised within the geothermal energy industry to help define heat flow in prospective regions of interest, in addition to fluid migration in the subsurface.

All our consultancy staff have skills and experience in both geochemical interpretation and basin modelling methods, so you can be sure that you will have industry experts working on your project.


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