Petroleum Geochemistry Course

Next online course: Date 20th March 2023


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Course Summary

This course has been developed to provide participants with knowledge and methods to better understand petroleum geochemical data and reports.  Participants will be able to make better-informed decisions relating to the sampling for, and commissioning of, geochemical analyses, with improved understanding of how petroleum geochemistry can be used in exploration and beyond.

The course has been designed for mid to senior level explorationists who would benefit from increased knowledge and use of petroleum geochemistry in their work. Some basic knowledge of petroleum geochemistry would be useful but not essential, whilst geochemists with moderate experience would also benefit from the course.

Course content

The course is divided into the following six topics:

  • Introduction to molecular geochemistry
  • Interpreting biomarkers in oils & source rocks
  • Molecular indicators of maturity
  • Alteration of oils
  • Oil-oil & oil-source correlations
  • Reservoir geochemistry

Delivery method

The course can be provided in-person at either IGI's office in North Devon, or at a client's office over a period of 4 days.

In addition, we now provide this course through our new online Moodle platform over a period of 10 days. Each topic is made up of a series of short lectures (~20 minutes) and other activities that may include a data workshop, field video, quiz or live discussion session, supported by some additional materials such as reference files and IGI’s ig.NET information resource.

Fees and Booking


In-person course - duration: 4 days

Multiclient at IGI's offices - £2,200.00 + VAT  per person (up to 8 participants)

This price includes tuition, course notes, temporary access to p:IGI+ and ig.NET and lunches

Single-client at your own office - £2,000 +VAT per day (up to 12 participants)

This price includes tuition, course notes, temporary access to p:IGI+ and ig.NET 

Online course (Multiclient) - duration 10 days

£1,500.00 per person

This price includes access to our Moodle learning platform, live sessions, course notes and temporary access to p:IGI+ and ig.NET.

 Discounts available for multiple courses/participants, please contact us for more information