Good software is not enough

Here at IGI we’re proud of industry leading software we have built over 30 years in the industry. 

However, the last twelve months have shown us that producing good software is not enough. Even once it’s been downloaded by clients a whole host of problems arise:  

  • How should it be deployed? 

  • Who should it be made available to? 

  • What new in this version? 

We try and address these questions with deployment guides, release announcements, training and support. Even with all of this it’s not enough.  

More recently we’ve observed a trend that while budgets are openingfor purchasing software; the same resources aren’t available to recruit staff. This has led to a few examples where companies have purchased a shiny new piece of software but lacked the people to follow-up it successfully. 

We’ve tried to address this within IGI by talking to clients and stressing the importance of a long-term approach to software. It’s not enough to have the tools, the people are important. Is it controversial to say that people are more important?! 

Where clients don’t have the resources to do things in-house we’ve extended our services to bridge the gaps. We offer cloud hosting and data loading services that we simply weren’t doing 2-3 years ago. 

However the question remains, is it good enough? Could we do more to help? 


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